Augustana Acoustic Tour

One of my favorite bands came to Minneapolis on 01/14/2013 at the Varsity Theater. I first started listening to Augustana in 2005. I met them at their show when they played the (no longer exsistant) Ascot Room. After that they blew up and had an album go double platinum. I think I have photographed them about ten different times but it never seems to get old. They have this old soul feel to them that is timeless and that many bands don't have. This time Augustana came to play acoustic with just Daniel Layus and David Lamoureux.  It was super intimate and they killed it.  It was like listening to a vinyl in concert form. 

I hungout with Dan and David for a few minutes after the show in their green room and got a couple of cool shots of them and got to catch up a bit.  If they come to your town, I HIGHLY recommend seeing them.