Augustana and Twin Forks at the Varsity Theater

Augustana and Twin Forks were in town and played the Varsity Theater this past weekend in Minneapolis.  

I counted the number of times in my head and I think this was my 12th time seeing Augustana live. I'm probably missing one time or another but 12 is pretty close.  It never gets old. Their live show rules.  This show in particular ruled even more because Gary Louris of The Jayhawks (who is a favorite song writer of Daniel Layus) came out and played two songs with Augustana.  You can see some shots of them playing together at the end of the gallery on this blog and you can see how happy Dan was to be playing with Gary. 

The opening band was Twin Forks.  If you are unfamiliar with the group, you might know the singer, Chris Carrabba.  He was Dashboard Confessional and also the first lead singer of Further Seems Forever.  Twin Forks were also awesome live. 

I got to catch up on life with Daniel Layus of Augustana for a bit after the show and that was nice. I also got a sweet photo of Dan and Lydia before they left which made her happy. 

I also got to talk to Chris Carrabba for a bit about the new group and how he's trying to move to Nashville from Florida.  We also chatted about the time he accidentally kicked a water bottle at my head while performing with Further Seems Forever.  We both had a good laugh about that. haha.  Everyone that I talked to in their band were so nice and down to earth.  It always makes me happy when it works out that way. 

Twin Forks: