Motion City Soundtrack and Steve Yeun Perform on Wits

Sometimes I get to experience really cool things.  Often times, it's a concert from up close where I get to see people (who paid a ton of money) experience their favorite band or singer from up close and personal.  Sometimes I get to see artists really lose themselves on stage, doing what they love to do, from less than a foot away.  Every once in a while I get to see something really cool, that's a little different.  

I have made friends with several different musicians over the years.  It's interesting when I get to learn what makes them tick and see what inspires them.  Sometimes I get to be a part of the moments where they experience something really great for themselves.

In this case in particular, I got to watch my good friend Justin Pierre, live out a dream of his.  He and his wife Lindsay really enjoy this radio improv comedy show from National Public Radio called, Wits.  They have gone to several of the live recordings and listen to it when it's on.  The band Justin sings in, Motion City Soundtrack, got the opportunity to be featured as the music group on Wits, a couple of weeks ago.  Steven Yeun (Glen, from AMC's The Walking Dead) was the guest actor on the show.  Justin asked me if I'd come hangout for the day and get some behind the scenes photos of the day as it unfolded.  To me, this is the ultimate cool.  I get to watch a friend (who also has a pretty cool life) do something that he is SUPER excited about.  Justin is a fan of the Walking Dead and was pretty ecstatic about sharing the stage with an actor from the show.  

The day went super smooth.  Everyone had such a great time.  The band played awesome and everyone really clicked.  Steven Yeun was a super nice guy and completely down to earth.  He grew up outside of Detroit, and he's definitely a midwestern guy at heart.  He was very welcoming and I got to eat dinner with him.  I asked him if he was good at a certain zombie Super Nintendo video game and he confessed that he was not.  This was a surprise to me.

The whole day was an amazing experience for me, watching this all come together, but especially cool for Justin and Motion City Soundtrack.  Playing concerts is awesome, and for me, shooting concerts is a lot of fun.  However, after you do it often, it looses a little bit of cool factor.  This was the ultimate cool.  When talented people (the Wits band and staff included) get to come together and perform, you get something really magical.  

You can listen to the show and watch videos from it here.

Enjoy the photos.